Heart Health

If you’ve made a commitment to live a heart healthier lifestyle here’s a tip that will get you far: Build yourself a support system of people who will not just cheer you on but who will also join your efforts. Many people find that it’s easier to stick with new healthy behaviors when you’re not going it alone. So take a low fat cooking class with your spouse. Sign up for a bike athon with your kids. Encourage your coworkers to grab lunch with you at the local salad bar instead of the nearest fast food joint. And above all else invite your friends to get on board.
One in four women will die from heart disease and significantly more women than men lose their lives to it every year. That’s why it’s so important that women infuse heart heath into their social lives. So set out to be a heart health role model and watch your friends follow your lead!
Socialize Away Stress –
While researchers are still working to understand the scientific impact stress has on heart health there’s no question that there’s a connection. You’re more likely to prioritize tension taming if it involves plans with your friends so make a date to get a manicure or go shopping together for nail color and then paint each other’s nails. Get tickets together to go to the symphony or to attend a concert at a local university or music school. Meet at your local yoga studio for a class or your local knitting store for a therapeutic session. Don’t have the time (or money!) to get away with a friend? Then make a daily date to talk on the phone or over the backyard fence, and chat away your inner stresses.
Talk While You Walk –
Call a friend to join you for a walk. Not a ho hum walk around the block but instead a nature walk through the woods, a shell collecting stroll at the beach even a window shopping trip to the mall. It’s amazing what some good old fashioned walking can do.
Hit the Links –
Golf is a terrific way to spend the day with a girlfriend basking in the sunshine, sharing personal stories and also burning calories! Skip the golf cart and walk the course you’ll have burned about 5 to 8.5 calories per minute (compared to 2.5 to 3.7 with the cart).
Be Berry Healthy –
Go berry picking with a friend and then enjoy the “fruits” of your labor by making heart healthy berry smoothies that not only taste good but are good for you, too! If the season’s not right for berry picking, go for a walk instead and use frozen berries to whip up a healthy reward.


Cleaning Up

Some of the most simple things like cleaners cost us a fortune but it’s not like we can stop cleaning our house, I wish, it would save time and money but I sure wouldn’t want to live in my house if I did.
Save the empty windex bottle when you are done with it and make your own window cleaner with vinegar and water or use rubbing alcohol and water works just as good and save a bunch.
Baking soda is wonderful add it to a sponge and clean the sink and counter tops with it and not only does it sparkle but it makes everything smell better, they use it in kitty liter for a reason. I even use it to clean the shower and toilet just make sure you rinse good or it is not to pretty.
There are a lot of us in my house and we do what we call a 10 minute clean up every night. Each one of us takes a room and gets as much done as we can in 10 minutes one will vacuum everything he can and one will get a wet rag and wipe everything down. Another will sweep and yet another will collect all the trashes in the house. We started this when they were young and now they are teens they are use to it. On the weekends we spend more time on cleaning but this way more gets done so it don’t build up for the weekends.
I use things like pledge on the weekends when we do our real cleaning but during the week I use a wet towel and it keeps it shiny. We save on money this way and our house looks nice too.

Money Saving Dinner Ideas

Think outside the box or maybe inside the box when you make dinner tonight. I watch so many families eat things like hamburger helper for dinner and it is a good idea for when you are in a hurry and so many of us are now days. However it can get expensive especially if your family eats like mine and a serving is never enough. Tonight think about what some of your families favorites are and make it a little different and save a dollar or two.
One of my families favorites is the cheeseburger macaroni so now days I cook up the hamburger or ground turkey and add it to the cheap mac n’ cheese and my family like it just as much. Instead of $1.49 per box of hamburger helper I spend $.33 for the cheap stuff. Sometimes we add green beans to it too and they like that too other times we add the veggie on the side but there is always veggies with it.
Most of my family don’t mind ramin noodles on occasion however when money is tight it gets to be to often and there are a couple who really just don’t like them so I have devised how I make them and now everyone likes them and even ask for them these days.
Ramin noodles can be salty and not real healthy made as instructed on the back. So now we cook up 1 serving of chicken per person I use a boneless chicken breast. Cut it in bite size pieces and fry it in a little olive oil and lemon juice with some italian seasoning and garlic powder. While it is cooking make 1/2 package of ramen noodles per person. When you add the noodles to the water add some of your families favorite frozen veggies we usually use corn, green beans and peas. When the noodles are cooked drain and add a little butter, half the prepackaged seasonings and the chicken stir well and serve.
Once a week we do what we call fend for yourself dinners. It is the night we clean out the fridge from all the leftovers everyone gets something different and the fridge gets cleaned with out all the waste. It makes it so that everyone can pick one thing we had during the week that they really liked and they get to have it again without making everyone have it again. Left overs also make great lunches. When you have a way to warm them up at work instead of going to McDonald’s for lunch you save a couple dollars and it is so much better for you, it does take a while to get use to bringing it so pack it up at night when you are cleaning the kitchen. Whn you go for that cup of coffee in the morning get your lunch out and put it with your car keys and you are more likely to remember it.