Some of the most simple things like cleaners cost us a fortune but it’s not like we can stop cleaning our house, I wish, it would save time and money but I sure wouldn’t want to live in my house if I did.
Save the empty windex bottle when you are done with it and make your own window cleaner with vinegar and water or use rubbing alcohol and water works just as good and save a bunch.
Baking soda is wonderful add it to a sponge and clean the sink and counter tops with it and not only does it sparkle but it makes everything smell better, they use it in kitty liter for a reason. I even use it to clean the shower and toilet just make sure you rinse good or it is not to pretty.
There are a lot of us in my house and we do what we call a 10 minute clean up every night. Each one of us takes a room and gets as much done as we can in 10 minutes one will vacuum everything he can and one will get a wet rag and wipe everything down. Another will sweep and yet another will collect all the trashes in the house. We started this when they were young and now they are teens they are use to it. On the weekends we spend more time on cleaning but this way more gets done so it don’t build up for the weekends.
I use things like pledge on the weekends when we do our real cleaning but during the week I use a wet towel and it keeps it shiny. We save on money this way and our house looks nice too.


About salembargains

mother of 8 who needed to learn to be cheap.

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