If you’ve made a commitment to live a heart healthier lifestyle here’s a tip that will get you far: Build yourself a support system of people who will not just cheer you on but who will also join your efforts. Many people find that it’s easier to stick with new healthy behaviors when you’re not going it alone. So take a low fat cooking class with your spouse. Sign up for a bike athon with your kids. Encourage your coworkers to grab lunch with you at the local salad bar instead of the nearest fast food joint. And above all else invite your friends to get on board.
One in four women will die from heart disease and significantly more women than men lose their lives to it every year. That’s why it’s so important that women infuse heart heath into their social lives. So set out to be a heart health role model and watch your friends follow your lead!
Socialize Away Stress –
While researchers are still working to understand the scientific impact stress has on heart health there’s no question that there’s a connection. You’re more likely to prioritize tension taming if it involves plans with your friends so make a date to get a manicure or go shopping together for nail color and then paint each other’s nails. Get tickets together to go to the symphony or to attend a concert at a local university or music school. Meet at your local yoga studio for a class or your local knitting store for a therapeutic session. Don’t have the time (or money!) to get away with a friend? Then make a daily date to talk on the phone or over the backyard fence, and chat away your inner stresses.
Talk While You Walk –
Call a friend to join you for a walk. Not a ho hum walk around the block but instead a nature walk through the woods, a shell collecting stroll at the beach even a window shopping trip to the mall. It’s amazing what some good old fashioned walking can do.
Hit the Links –
Golf is a terrific way to spend the day with a girlfriend basking in the sunshine, sharing personal stories and also burning calories! Skip the golf cart and walk the course you’ll have burned about 5 to 8.5 calories per minute (compared to 2.5 to 3.7 with the cart).
Be Berry Healthy –
Go berry picking with a friend and then enjoy the “fruits” of your labor by making heart healthy berry smoothies that not only taste good but are good for you, too! If the season’s not right for berry picking, go for a walk instead and use frozen berries to whip up a healthy reward.


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mother of 8 who needed to learn to be cheap.

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