make slightly more than two quarts of yogurt at a time. I incubate it in my large oval crockpot. My crockpot has three settings, low, high and warm. Warm is the setting I use. I tried using some instructions from online, but you know, you have to experiment a bit to find what works for you.

You will need:

Half gallon of milk– any percentage milk fat. More fat makes more firm yogurt

1 Cup milk powder–also helps make yogurt firm, without any additives and increases the concentration of calcium.

1 Cup of a good brand of plain yogurt. You can get yogurt starter at a health food store, but this works for me. I used to use Dannon plain and natural, but I cannot get small containers any more. I have been using Yoplait, I get a 1 lb package. I use half of it.

5 one pint jars, glass, with lids, or cover top with foil.

Cooking thermometer

Stir powdered milk into liquid milk, then scald it. When I do this on top of the stove I sometimes scorch it, so I put mine in a pyrex mixing bowl, and scald it in the microwave. It will be around 170-180 degrees, remove the skin that forms on top if one does form. Let it cool to skin temperature–90-105 degrees. Any hotter will kill your starter.

When cool, stir 1 cup of your yogurt starter into the milk. Pour into clean glass jars, put on lids. Put in a hot water bath in slow cooker set to warm. You do not want it to be over 105 or 110 degrees. When you pick up a jar and turn it over and the yogurt is a firm consistency it is done. It has been taking me four or five hours. The longer it stays in the warm water bath the more tangy it is. Refrigerate when done.


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